Friday, 28 October 2011

Origins and History of Hinduism
Origins and History of Hinduism, the religion native to Indian subcontinent, is a highly complex subject because Hinduism does not have one single founder and it predates Indian recorded history. Owing to the complexity of the subject, the study of Hinduism's history is often oversimplified with bland statements which look as follows:

"Hinduism has no Origins"

"Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life"

"Hinduism has no founder - Hinduism was founded by God"

Even scholars tend to oversimplify the study of Hinduism by simply stating it to be a religion formed by the amalgamation of the cultures of two ethnic groups - namely IndoEuropeans and Dravidians. However, the vast scriptural and cultural base of the religion does not allow for such oversimplications, often resulting in statements such as "Hinduism has no Origins."

This is the first ever book that unravels the origins of Hinduism to a great level of detail, by showing that Hinduism has founders as much as any other religion. The history of Hinduism has become so mysterious only because the context in which the religion has developed has never been understood. Hinduism has developed in the context of excessive immigration that Indian subcontinent faced once upon a time - the religion developed as a response to this excessive immigration. Once the context is understood properly, once the theology of the religion and its cultural practices are placed in this correct context, it is then and then alone that the story of Hinduism unravels.

The following are a few excerpts from the book. A chapter on introduction to Hinduism is also presented below.

Introduction to Hinduism - A brief on the history and beliefs of Hinduism

The Question of the Origins of Hinduism - Explores the questions faced by scholars regarding the Origins of Hinduism

Origins of Hinduism - Hinduism was born because of heavy immigration into Indus Valley

Hinduism Founder: Saptarshis are the Founders of Hinduism - Hinduism was founded by an institution of Seven Sages called Saptarshis

The Real Definition of Hinduism - Here is the first ever correct definition of Hinduism, being written down after 4200 years.

Hinduism Timeline for 16,000 Years - Timeline of Hinduism, done to a great level of detail for 16,000 years; includes Yugas

Places of Origin of Hinduism - Hinduism was formed by integrating cults from a large number of places over thousands of years

Three Phases in the History of Hinduism - Three phases characterized by worship of Brahman, worship of Trinity, and the lack of control of Vedas

The Mystical Connection between Christianity and Hinduism - Christian Gods in Large Number of Hindu Temples

Ancient Rivalry of Zoroastrianism and Hinduism - What is the source of hatred between these two religions

What are the Four Yugas in Hinduism - What are Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kali Yugas?

Incarnations of Vishnu - an Important Question of Indian History - A very important question regarding Indian religion and history.

Why does Vaishnavism excessively talk about worldwide catastrophes? - A look at the catastrophic literature that documents the turmoils of our forefathers

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